Bill Gates: The road ahead reaches a turning point in 2024

More Leaks about ChatGPT with Memory

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Reflecting on 2023, it's clear that this year has been significant and transformative in many ways. Here are some key takeaways regarding AI from Bill Gates note

  1. Embracing AI in Work and Life: Your integration of artificial intelligence into both professional and personal aspects of life signifies a broader societal shift. AI's emergence as a tool for efficiency and creativity, moving beyond novelty uses, highlights its growing impact on everyday life.

  2. AI's Role in Shaping the Future: The year 2023 seems to have been pivotal in understanding and utilizing AI's potential in various fields, including education, health, and workplace productivity. This indicates a growing awareness of how AI can address complex challenges and contribute positively to society.

  3. The Significance of Innovation: Your reflections underscore innovation as a key driver of progress, whether it's in technology, health, or addressing global inequities. The role of AI in accelerating innovation has been particularly notable this year.

  4. Reflections on Global Health: There's a strong emphasis on global health improvements, such as advancements in treating diseases like HIV and malaria, and the potential of AI in these areas. This reflects a continued commitment to improving health outcomes worldwide, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

Gates’ reflections paint a picture of a year marked by personal milestones, technological advancements, and a deepened commitment to addressing global challenges. This blend of personal experiences with broader societal and global trends offers a unique and hopeful perspective as we move into the future.

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The article describes a significant advancement in artificial intelligence achieved by researchers in Switzerland. They developed an AI robot named CyberRunner that mastered a physical skill game, the labyrinth marble game, in just six hours. This game requires dexterity and spatial reasoning to maneuver a marble through a maze without falling into holes, traditionally controlled by humans using knobs.

CyberRunner utilized deep reinforcement learning to rapidly learn and excel in the game, even finding shortcuts to complete the maze faster. This approach involves the robot making decisions based on its experiences and rewards, using a camera as its "eyes" and a memory system to store its learning process.

The AI's learning process was efficient, taking place over 6.06 hours with 1.2 million time steps at a control rate of 55 samples per second. Remarkably, CyberRunner surpassed the fastest human time by over six percent.

Professor Raffaello D'Andrea of ETH Zurich highlighted the significance of this development, noting that it opens up AI research to a broader audience due to its affordability and potential for large-scale, real-world machine learning experiments.

Furthermore, the article mentions a recent artificial intelligence safety summit attended by AI experts and world leaders, including Elon Musk. Hosted by Rishi Sunak at Bletchley Park, the summit focused on the potential benefits and existential risks of advanced AI technologies.

More Leaks about ChatGPT with Memory

ChatGPT's "Project Sunshine" which was initially discovered in August 2023 as a version of ChatGPT with special capabilities, seems to be what ChatGPT with Memory is.

New leaks show that ChatGPT now includes a personalization feature that allows it to remember details from your conversations. This enables it to provide more relevant and tailored responses over time. You can manage this feature in the settings, choosing to reset the memory or turn it off entirely. When "Memory Off" is displayed, it means ChatGPT will not retain any information from your conversation.

Additionally, a new "Temporary Chat" option is available, which ensures that conversations are not remembered or included in your history. This mode ensures a fresh start with each chat, although for safety purposes, a copy of the conversation may be kept for up to 30 days. Importantly, chats in this mode do not contribute to model training.

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