Rumor: ChatGPT is getting a memory

Meta brings us a step closer to AI-generated movies

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Meta brings us a step closer to AI-generated movies

Existing systems struggle to interpret edit instructions correctly. Emu Edit tackles this through multi-task training.

Meta has unveiled "Emu Video" an advanced AI tool that generates four-second animated clips based on text, images, or combined descriptions. These clips, notable for their high fidelity and 512x512 resolution at 16 frames per second, can be edited with another AI tool, "Emu Edit" using natural language commands. While the technology shows promise, especially in animating simpler scenes in various artistic styles, it still struggles with complex actions and realistic movements.

There are concerns about the ethical implications of such technology. AI-generated content like Emu Video might threaten the jobs of artists and animators by replicating scenes they typically create. Moreover, the use of AI in media and entertainment, as seen with Netflix and Marvel's "Secret Invasion," raises questions about the impact on the creative industry and the rights of artists, especially since AI tools are often trained on unlicensed works by creators who are neither notified nor compensated. This advancement underscores the growing tension between technological progress and ethical standards in the arts and entertainment sectors.

The All-in-One, AI-Powered LinkedIn Tool

With 900M+ users, LinkedIn is definitely home to your target audience. But leveraging it to generate business results isn't easy.

Taplio helps you grow and leverage your personal brand on LinkedIn to build an audience and attract more clients and opportunities.

Create high-performing LinkedIn posts, engage with your target audience, find leads and measure all your results. Taplio has you covered.

Rumor: ChatGPT is getting a memory.

This is a HUGE deal. It is on the way to becoming a copilot for your mind.

This feature takes all of the power of Custom Instructions and makes it 10x more valuable.

  • Never have to explain yourself twice—ChatGPT will remember who you are, and all of the important people in your life

  • Use ChatGPT as a repository for notes, ideas, quotes, and more.

  • It will resurface all of these in new chats where relevant. A true second brain.

The best tool for thought is tools that think 🚀

Cannot wait for this to drop.

DeepMind and YouTube released Lyria, a gen-AI model for music, and Dream Track to build AI tunes

Google and DeepMind have introduced new AI music creation tools, leveraging their Lyria model, which works with YouTube. These tools include Dream Track, enabling creators to generate 30-second AI-generated soundtracks in the style of various artists for YouTube Shorts, and Music AI, a set of tools designed to assist in the creative process, like creating music from a hummed snippet.

The announcement comes amid ongoing debates in the creative arts about AI's role, highlighted by the recent Screen Actors Guild strike. A key challenge with AI music is maintaining musical continuity in longer sequences, as AI struggles with the complexities of beats, notes, harmonies, and simultaneous instrumental voices.

The Dream Track tool allows creators to choose an artist and topic to generate brief tracks with lyrics and backing in the chosen artist's style. Artists like Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, and John Legend are involved in testing and providing feedback.

Additionally, the Music AI tools, set to release later this year, will offer features like creating instrumentation from a hummed tune, building ensembles from simple chords, and crafting backing tracks for existing vocals.

This development is part of a broader trend in AI-generated music, with other companies like Meta and startups like Riffusion also exploring this space. The music industry is actively adapting to these emerging technologies.

Other stuff

Superpower ChatGPT 5.0.0 has been released. 🎉

The most powerful release yet with Prompt Chains, AutoComplete Menu, Quick Sync, Custom Instruction Profiles, and many more features.

Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Chrome


Superpower ChatGPT Extension on Firefox


Tools & LinkS
Editor's Pick ✨

CodeGen - Automatically solve tickets, write tests, and level up your development workflow with the power of GPT-4.

Editor's Pick ✨

Iris — a macOS app that makes it easy to multitask with AI.

Resolved AI - Your incident response copilot

AI Shadows - Generate realistic shadows for professional-looking photos

Polywork AI - Paste your LinkedIn to generate a personal website in 60secs

VideoGPT by VEED - Generate amazing videos directly in ChatGPT

PlugBear connects your LLM apps to tools like Slack in just a few clicks.

Siena AI - an empathic AI customer service agent

BeeBee.AI - AI makes everything easy to understand, delivering key insights for everyday investors.

Back to the Future Adventure Master

Meshy-1 - Create stunning 3D models with AI

DVC Extension for VS Code - Track machine learning experiments right in your IDE

Product Lab AI - Copilot for product designers

PhotoFairy - An infinite canvas full of AI magic

ExtendImage.AI 2.0 - Extend your images with generative AI

Prompt of the Day 🍭: UNIQUE JOB POST WRITER

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  • WFH Team - Work from anywhere in the world

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