Eight AI Startups Winning the Race for Tech Talent

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  • 👀 How AI Influences What You See on Facebook and Instagram?

  • 🏎️ AI Startups Winning the Race for Tech Talent

  • 🛍️ New AI-powered Microsoft Shopping tools arrive on the new Bing and Edge

  • 🛠 Various AI-related tools and platforms, including SMOL Developer, Prompt Cheatsheet, h2oGPT, Semantic Scholar, Kick Resume, Send Fame, Make Landing, Knibble, Fellow AI, Cart Chat, GPT Migrate, and more.

Top News

How AI Influences What You See on Facebook and Instagram [Link]

  • Facebook and Instagram use AI systems to personalize content based on user preferences.

  • Meta is releasing 22 system cards that explain how AI systems rank content and the predictions they make.

  • "Why Am I Seeing This?" feature expanded for more content information.

  • Instagram testing new features for indicating interest or disinterest.

  • "Show more, Show less" feature allows customization of content.

  • Meta is providing better tools for researchers, such as the Meta Content Library and API, to promote open research and innovation.

  • Researchers can access Meta Content Library and API for research purposes.

  • Meta promotes openness and will continue providing AI models to researchers.

Eight AI Startups Winning the Race for Tech Talent [Link]

Generative AI has taken the world by storm, and the companies building the future are in a race to hire the best available tech talent.
  • The demand for technical talent in the AI field is high, with startups leading the race to hire the best engineers and AI experts.

  • The top eight pure-play AI companies for talent are TOME, CHARACTER.AI, ANTHROPIC, OPENAI, HUGGING FACE, JASPER, STABILITY AI, and MIDJOURNEY.

  • These companies have attracted top talent from leading tech companies like OpenAI and Google.

  • The education background of tech talent in the AI field is diverse and includes universities like the University of Waterloo and KU Leuven Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

  • San Francisco's Hayes Valley is a hub for AI events and talent, and there is a growing influx of talent in the Bay Area.

  • The Next Gen companies, including PICTOR LABS, ENDPOINT HEALTH, OTTER.AI, BRIA, Copy.ai, and others, focus on practical applications of AI tailored to specific industries or use cases.

  • Seattle emerges as a dominant location for AI talent, with companies like Wellsaid, You, and Runway headquartered there.

  • The AI space continues to attract significant investments, and Lightspeed is actively monitoring and investing in AI companies.

  • Lightspeed is a global firm investing in various stages and sectors, and they are interested in hearing from those building in the AI space.

Ready to figure out how AI and Automation can help you save time and be more effective in your business? [Link]

Let’s do this:  

  • We’ll chat about your business, your goals, and your challenges

  • I’ll write a report for you outlining the ways you can use AI + Automation in your business

  • We’ll go over the report together so you can have a chance to ask questions and figure out everything you need in order to be successful moving forward

  • I’m also available to implement things for you if it’s not stuff you want to set up yourself.

Measuring the Representation of Subjective Global Opinions in Language Models [Link]

Whose opinions are the responses of Large Language Models (LLMs) most similar with when considering the perspectives of participants across the world?

Researchers at Anthropic developed a quantitative framework to understand how similar the responses of models and different participants across the world are in order to help guide the development of inclusive AI that serves all people worldwide. They first build a dataset, GlobalOpinionQA, composed of questions and answers from cross-national surveys designed to capture diverse opinions on global issues. Next, they derive a metric that captures the similarity between LLM responses and people’s responses, conditioned on country. With this framework, they run three experiments on an LLM trained to be helpful, honest, and harmless with Constitutional AI.

New AI-powered Microsoft Shopping tools arrive on the new Bing and Edge [Link]

  • Microsoft is introducing new shopping tools in Bing and Edge to enhance the online shopping experience.

  • The goal is to make online shopping easier, less overwhelming, and more enjoyable.

  • Microsoft Edge has already saved shoppers $3.7 billion in the last year with built-in shopping features like Coupons, Cashback, Price History, and Price Comparison.

  • The new Buying Guides feature in Bing and Edge uses AI to generate tailored guides with product suggestions, specifications, and smart compare tables to help users quickly compare options.

  • Review Summaries in Bing Chat provide brief summaries of online reviews and popular opinions about a specific product, helping users make informed decisions.

  • Microsoft Shopping tools also assist users in finding the best prices and saving money with features like Price Match, Price Comparison, Coupons, Cashback, and Package Tracking.

  • The tools are available on Bing.com, Microsoft Edge, and in the Bing app, aiming to bring back the joy of shopping.

Tools & LinkS
Editor's Pick ✨

SMOL Developer - Your personal AI developer. With a single click. [Link]

Editor's Pick ✨

ChatGPT Prompt Cheatsheet - Lists of prompts and tips from all over the world on how to use ChatGPT effectively [Link]

h2oGPT - Chat with six AI models at the same time [Link]

Semantic Scholar - A free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature [Link]

Kick Resume - Let artificial intelligence write your resume. [Link]

Send Fame - Make Celebrity AI Videos! [Link]

Make Landing - Make a beautiful landing page in seconds [Link]

Knibble - Easily manage your knowledge base and share it with your team or customers. [Link]

Fellow AI - Skyrocket your meeting productivity [Link]

Solve Intelligence - Write patents with AI [Link]

GPT-Migrate - Easily migrate your codebase from one language or framework to another [GitHub]

CartChat - A Shopify tool designed to decrease your customer support workload by up to 90%. [Link]

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