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  • 📚 Reverse-Engineering Reddit's Source Code using GPT-4

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Key Takeaways from Hugging Face CEO's Testimony to the US Congress [Link]

Explore key insights from Clément Delangue's testimony to the US Congress on Open-Science and Open-Source AI. Understand the importance of Open-Source & Open-Science to democratize AI technology and promote ethical AI development that benefits all.
  • Open-source AI is crucial for democratizing technology and making AI models accessible to non-profit organizations, startups, and businesses.

  • Open science and open-source foster innovation, fair competition, and knowledge-sharing in AI.

  • Open source has played a significant role in the history of AI evolution and remains essential for future progress.

  • Hugging Face follows an ethical approach to openness, including open documentation, safeguards, community moderation, and respect for copyrights.

  • Hugging Face's involvement in creating BLOOM, an open-source AI model, demonstrates their commitment to ethical AI development.

  • Clément Delangue's testimony emphasizes the necessity of embracing open-science and open-source AI for the benefit of society and to address challenges like biases, misinformation, and copyrights.

Y Combinator’s Latest Batch Is 35% AI Startups [Link]

The latest group of Y Combinator companies will be in the Bay Area in person.

More than one-third of the famed startup accelerator Y Combinator’s latest batch of companies are focused specifically on artificial intelligence.

Y Combinator received a record 24,000 applications for its latest cohort, and accepted just under 1% of those, Garry Tan, president and chief executive officer of the accelerator, said Tuesday in an interview on Bloomberg Television. About 35% of the companies selected for the program are AI-focused, he said, and as many as half involve AI as a component of their business.

“There’s something very special happening here,” Tan said about AI in San Francisco. “The smartest people in the world are sitting in those cafes having discussions. Not just about starting their companies, but also what is the cutting edge of what these AI models can do.”

Debating the Future of AI: A Conversation with Marc Andreessen [Link]

Sam Harris speaks with Marc Andreessen about the future of artificial intelligence (AI). They discuss the primary importance of intelligence, possible good outcomes for AI, the problem of alienation, the significance of evolution, the Alignment Problem, the current state of LLMs, AI and war, dangerous information, regulating AI, economic inequality, and other topics.

Marc Andreessen is a cofounder and general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He is an innovator and creator, one of the few to pioneer a software category used by more than a billion people and one of the few to establish multiple billion-dollar companies. Marc co-created the highly influential Mosaic internet browser and co-founded Netscape, which later sold to AOL for $4.2 billion. He also co-founded Loudcloud, which as Opsware, sold to Hewlett-Packard for $1.6 billion. He later served on the board of Hewlett-Packard from 2008 to 2018.

A Plain English Guide to Reverse-Engineering Reddit's Source Code with LangChain, Activeloop, and GPT-4 [Link]

Imagine writing a piece of software that could understand, assist, and even generate code, similar to how a seasoned developer would.

Well, that's possible with LangChain. Leveraging advanced models such as VectorStores, Conversational RetrieverChain, and LLMs, LangChain takes us to a new level of code understanding and generation.

In this guide, we will reverse engineer Reddit's public source code repository for version 1 of the site to better understand the codebase and provide insights into its inner workings. I was inspired to create this guide after reading Paul Graham's tweet on the subject (and because I don't know anything about Lisp, but still wanted to understand what he was talking about).

Tools & Links 🛠️

Empower Your AI Journey: Key Resources, Software, and Innovations

Editor's Pick

RambleFix - Speak messy thoughts into a clear, coherent text. In seconds. [Link]

Editor's Pick

Twine - AI Summaries of Zoom, Teams, Meet, Slack, and more. [Link]

ChatData - Chat with 2 million arxiv papers, powered by MyScale [Link]

 AI Track - Become an AI expert with NoCodeCamp AI learning track. [Link]

Double - Stop manually Googling your leads. Use GPT to research your leads on the internet and answer questions automatically. [Link]

LeadSpicker - Looking for investors tuned into your industry? [Link]

AI Rankings - AI Tools Website Rankings [Link]

Retrato- Turns your Selfies into Professional Photos with AI. [Link]

ChatCSV - The way you normally talk, but with your CSV files [Link]

God App - An experimental project using OpenAI GPT Plugins and Replicate to combine all AI APis into one [GitHub]

Editor's Pick

Superagent - Build, deploy, and manage LLM-powered agents [GitHub]

MyScale - Run Vector Search with SQL [Link]

OpenAI Multi-Functions Agent With LangChain [Link]

NBA CBA Chat - Use AI to ask questions about the new 676-page NBA CBA. [Link][GitHub]

Sembly - The smartest AI team assistant [Link]

Poster Studio - Maximize ROI with AI-Powered Ad & Social Creatives [Link]

PenParrot - Bring AI everywhere you go [Link]

Wonder Dynamics is now open to anyone [Link]

DeepLearningAI - Learn the fundamentals of generative AI for real-world applications [Link]

Respeecher - Voice Cloning for Content Creators [Link]

GoodMeetings - Make every customer meeting count. Move the revenue needle [Link]

Unclassified 🌀 

  • Chat By CopyAI: Whatever you need, just ask - [Link]

  • Morning Brew - Get smarter in 5 minutes (it's free) [Link]

  • Fiverr - Find the right freelance service, right away [Link]

  • WFH.Team - Work from anywhere in the world [Link]

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