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Attracting Inbound Leads

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Growing on Twitter is all about consistency. You need to put out quality content every single day, ChatGPT shaves down this process from 10h/week to 2h/week.

In this doc I’ll go over how to use ChatGPT to generate tweets, threads and auto-dm giveaways. Everything you need to grow your account and attract inbound leads.

Attracting Inbound Leads

To get leads from Twitter, you need to speak directly to your ideal clients, and show them you understand the problems they have and that you know how to solve them.

For this example, we’ll assume you’re selling Google ads. Let’s generate some problems e-commerce brands encounter when running Google ads with the prompt:

Generate 10 problems E-commerce brands run into when using Google ads”

We’ve got a decent idea of what problems ecom brands run into, now let’s generate potential solutions to them with the prompt:

Generate 10 solutions for these problems”


Now let’s turn them into Tweets with the prompt:

“Write 10 tweets about these solutions”

These are decent, but will definetly need some edits so they roll off the tongue easier, but the core ideas are solid.


We can take each of these solutions and turn them into a short thread with the prompt:

Write a 10 tweet twitter thread on solution 5”

Again, needs some edits, remove unneccessary words, add a few things in etc, but 80% of the work is done.


Now let’s create a guide that we can giveaway as a notion doc in an auto-dm giveaway with the prompt:

Write a 500 word guide on solution 9”

80% of the work is done in like 15 seconds, make some edits, add in a few images and you’re good to go.


Optimize your profile so the content you’re putting out is actually capturing leads. Use your banner + bio to define your offer and ICP and link your landing page as well.

Use mine as a guide:

ChatGPT is NOT PLUG AND PLAY - you still have to edit and look over the content or you’ll sound like a bot.

But the time it saves on writing + coming up with ideas is worth it.


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