What if ChatGPT were 3D?

Taking AI animation to the NEXT level

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What if ChatGPT were 3D?

The popularity of LLMs has surged thanks to their ability to instantly produce high-quality textual responses. However, text-based conversational interfaces can present challenges when dealing with complex information tasks. Text, as a sequence of symbols, struggles to effectively convey complex relationships among concepts. Moreover, the linear structure of conversations can hinder the flexible exploration and organization of desired information. We are exploring ways to leverage interactive graphical representations to address these limitations.

Creativity Lab introduces Graphologue and Sensecape. At a micro-level, Graphologue transforms GPT-4-generated text into interactive node-link diagrams in real time, facilitating rapid comprehension and exploration of information. At a macro-level, Sensecape enables users to spatially organize information obtained from GPT-4, offering a flexible way to organize and make sense of large amounts of information.

What now?

The biggest winner of the AI craze

Taking AI animation to the NEXT level



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