Meta introduced Segment Anything Model(SAM)


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Meta introduced Segment Anything Model(SAM) [Link]

GPT-4 Is a Reasoning Engine

In 1894, a Boston-based astronomer named Percival Lowell found intelligent life on Mars.

Looking through a telescope from his private observatory he observed dark straight lines running across the Martian surface. He believed these lines to be evidence of canals built by an advanced but struggling alien civilization trying to tap water from the polar ice caps.

He spent years making intricate drawings of these lines, and his findings captured the public imagination at the time. But you’ve never heard of him because he turned out to be dead wrong. Read more ...


The capabilities of AI are rapidly approaching those of humans and have already surpassed them in many niche areas. While the recent rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) demonstrates that these models are becoming increasingly versatile and seemingly also more “generally intelligent”, they feel a lot more intelligent because they perfected learning the primary interface with humans: language. Although it’s not immediately evident that this breakthrough will lead to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in the short term, we now have models that are trained to perfectly mimic highly capable humans in digital interactions[1]. Some might argue that the age of AI has begun. Read more ...

GPT 4 Can Improve Itself




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Shower thoughts

  • The older you get the longer Monopoly games last because all players become more fiscally responsible Link.

  • The memory of your childhood best friend lives on through bank security questions Link.

  • Your pets must think you are a great chef, not knowing most if their food is store-bought Link.

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