Tool identification using AI and computer vision

This kid made $30M at the age of 17.

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PaLM-E: An embodied multimodal language model

Recent years have seen tremendous advances across machine learning domains, from models that can explain jokes or answer visual questions in a variety of languages to those that can produce images based on text descriptions. Such innovations have been possible due to the increase in the availability of large-scale datasets along with novel advances that enable the training of models on these data. While the scaling of robotics models has seen some success, it is outpaced by other domains due to a lack of datasets available on a scale comparable to large text corpora or image datasets. Read the full blog.

This kid made $30M at the age of 17.

Build an AI chatbot trained on your data [Link]

Tool identification using AI and computer vision

Trung Phan on The Hustle, ChatGPT, and TikTok

Text to GIF

Had ChatGPT build be a Chrome Extension

A search engine that remembers everything on your screen

Chat with any YouTube video by entering its URL!



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Shower thoughts

  • Your house clock and car clock are the only remaining hints that we lost an hour. Link.

  • Parrots and crows can mimic human speech. Jumping spiders mimic their prey ants to get closer. We're lucky no species has developed both skills to hunt humans. Link.

  • There's a chance many of us dodged death without realizing when we chose to do one thing instead of another. Link.

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