ChatGPT + Computer Vision

A dictionary for what you see

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ChatGPT + Computer Vision = A dictionary for what you see.

Word-As-Image for Semantic Typography

A word-as-image is a semantic typography technique where a word illustration presents a visualization of the meaning of the word while also preserving its readability. We present a method to create word-as-image illustrations automatically. This task is highly challenging as it requires a semantic understanding of the word and a creative idea of where and how to depict these semantics in a visually pleasing and legible manner. We rely on the remarkable ability of recent large pre-trained language-vision models to distill textual concepts visually. We target simple, concise, black-and-white designs that convey the semantics clearly. We deliberately do not change the color or texture of the letters and do not use embellishments. Our method optimizes the outline of each letter to convey the desired concept, guided by a pre-trained Stable Diffusion model. We incorporate additional loss terms to ensure the legibility of the text and the preservation of the style of the font. We show high-quality and engaging results on numerous examples and compare them to alternative techniques. Project page

🪄 What if you could write code that doesn't exist yet, and it just... worked?

ChatGPT invented and coded its own puzzle game, called "Sum Delete".

Sumplete was invented and coded entirely by AI (ChatGPT).

Yeah, I’m not joking. After a few hours of prompting, the AI chatbot created this unique puzzle game. ChatGPT not only came up with the idea but also coded the game, designed it, and even named it!

I first asked ChatGPT for some recommendations for a new puzzle game to play if I enjoyed playing Sudoku. Read more and play the puzzle.

Famous paintings visualized with AI - Stable Diffusion and ControlNet.

How to turn a voice recording into a to-do list

How to use ChatGPT API Python for Beginners - Full ChatBOT Tutorial



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Shower thoughts

  • Speed bumps exist because people care more about their cars than the safety of the people around them. Link.

  • At a certain level of magnification, it is acceptable to show semen on tv. Link.

  • People sometimes die in the living room Link.

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