The REAL potential of generative AI

Your own ChatGPT in slack

Deel is your one-stop shop for hiring, paying, and managing your remote team. We stay on top of local labor laws across the world to ensure compliance and mitigate risk so that you don't have to. Compliantly hire anyone, anywhere, in 5 minutes with Deel


The REAL potential of generative AI

Your own ChatGPT in slack

LangChain Beginner's Tutorial for Typescript/Javascript

A conversation between two agents.

Every American 綾 president but they are just innocent lil kids

The Popular Electronics Chain That Scammed America

Nvidias latest GPU drivers can upscale old blurry YouTube videos

Nvidia is releasing new GPU drivers today that will upscale old blurry web videos on RTX 30- and 40-series cards. RTX Video Super Resolution is a new AI upscaling technology from Nvidia that works inside Chrome or Edge to improve any video in a browser by sharpening the edges of objects and reducing video artifacts.

Nvidia will support videos between 360p and 1440p up to 144Hz in frame rate and upscale all the way up to 4K resolution. This impressive 4K upscaling has previously only been available on Nvidias Shield TV, but recent advances to the Chromium engine have allowed Nvidia to bring this to its latest RTX 30- and 40-series cards. Read the article.




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Shower thoughts

  • You aren't that important, because no one has come from the future to assassinate you. Link.

  • Cigarettes are a type of veggie wrap. Link.

  • Opening food packages that sound like dog treat packages must make your pet think youre eating their snacks and not sharing. Link.

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