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OpenAI Sora Video Generation Model will soon be coming to Adobe Premiere Pro 👀

Adobe Premiere Pro is gearing up to incorporate the new Adobe Firefly video model, bringing a suite of advanced AI-powered features to video editing. One standout feature is the ability to add or change objects within footage simply using text prompts. Users can select a frame, write a prompt, and add anything they can imagine, such as diamonds demonstrated in the development phase. Additionally, the object removal tool uses AI-based smart masking to help editors quickly and precisely remove unwanted objects, props, or copyrighted elements across frames, ensuring edits remain non-destructive and original footage is always retrievable.

The upcoming updates also include the 'generative extend' feature, which uses AI to add frames and extend shots intelligently, maintaining the flow of the scene. For example, this feature can extend a shot of a character just by a few frames when needed. Adobe is committed to transparency with the integration of content credentials in Premiere Pro, informing users whether AI was involved in the media's creation.

Moreover, Adobe is exploring how third-party AI models can be integrated into Premiere Pro, offering editors a choice in selecting the model that best fits their footage. Early examples include the use of OpenAI's Sora model for generating B-roll and Runway AI's video model for swiftly adding new video clips to a timeline. These innovations highlight Adobe's ongoing commitment to enhancing video editing with AI, ensuring Premiere Pro remains a cutting-edge tool for creative professionals.

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OpenAI is establishing its presence in Asia with the opening of a new office in Tokyo, Japan, alongside the introduction of a GPT-4 model tailored for the Japanese language. This strategic expansion not only underscores OpenAI's recognition of the business opportunities in Japan but also highlights the necessity to adapt its technology to different linguistic contexts. The Tokyo office, OpenAI's first in Asia and fourth globally, follows previous openings in London and Dublin, reflecting the company's strategic global spread.

The leadership for this new hub will be Tadao Nagasaki, a former Amazon Web Services executive with substantial experience in the region. As president of OpenAI Japan, Nagasaki is charged with building a local team and enhancing OpenAI's business presence in Japan. The company is already engaging with major Japanese corporations like Daikin, Rakuten, and Toyota, offering a business-oriented version of ChatGPT that includes enhanced privacy and customization features.

OpenAI's new GPT-4 model has been optimized specifically for Japanese, aiming to improve performance in understanding and interacting with the nuances of the Japanese language and culture. This enhanced model promises faster performance and cost-effectiveness, ideal for business applications in customer service and content creation. OpenAI plans to provide early access to this custom model to select local businesses, with broader availability expected through the OpenAI API in the near future.

Limitless is a new technology suite consisting of a web app, desktop applications for Mac and Windows, and a wearable device known as the Limitless Pendant. Designed to augment human intelligence rather than replace it, Limitless enhances memory and focus by automating tasks like meeting preparation, note-taking, and action item tracking. This AI-powered tool integrates seamlessly with existing technology and offers a personalized experience by learning from your interactions.

The Limitless Pendant, a key component of the suite, is a compact wearable device that you can wear as a necklace or clip to your clothing. It features a long battery life, multiple microphones for clear audio capture, and supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity. Priced initially at $99, the pendant also introduces "Consent Mode," which records conversations only with verbal permission from the participants, enhancing privacy and ethical use of the device.

In addition to its advanced features, Limitless is committed to privacy with its "Confidential Cloud" service, where data is encrypted in a way that even the company cannot access without user permission. The company plans to expand its offerings with more hardware and software integrations, ensuring that all data handling is secure and private. This ambitious roadmap shows Limitless's commitment to enhancing human capabilities through technology, promising a future where technology and privacy coexist harmoniously.

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