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I Made an AI Clone of Myself

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ChatGPT 1 - 0 Legal Fees

Truth or False

I Made an AI Clone of Myself

In November, a company called Synthesia emailed Motherboard and offered "an exclusive date with your AI twin."

“Hello, ever thought about creating your own digital twin? You’ve been invited to Synthesia’s New York studio to build your own virtual avatar, like me!” an AI clone of Synthesia spokesperson Laura Morelli said in a video embedded in the email. “Don’t miss out on learning more about the new sexy sector. Lock in your one-hour slot now to build your own avatar with Synthesia. Hurry now because spots are limited and filling up fast.” Read the full story.

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[Tutorial] Complete Guide to ControlNet for Stable Diffusion img2img

What exactly is ControlNet and why are Stable Diffusion users so excited about it?

Think of Stable Diffusion’s img2img feature on steroids.

With regular img2img, you had no control over what parts of the original image you wanted to keep and what parts you wanted to ignore.

With ControlNet, you can choose exactly which parts to keep from the original image and which to ignore (practical uses right now are controlling poses and compositions, but over time we’ll see many more models and use cases).



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Shower thoughts

  • Anyone who says they’re going to steal or take your girl and does it is doing you a favor. Link.

  • In Monopoly, if no one ever buys a property, everyone gets richer and no one loses. Link.

  • The reason you shouldn't feed your dog human food isn't because dogs and humans can't eat the same things, but because most humans have awful diets. Link.

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