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  • OpenAI rumored to be developing a web search product to rival Google

OpenAI rumored to be developing a web search product to rival Google

Slack AI is here, letting you catch up on lengthy threads

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Rumors indicate that OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is reportedly working on a new search product that could rival giants like Google and Bing, based on a report from The Information. This speculated search tool might utilize Microsoft’s Bing search capabilities, stemming from the longstanding partnership and investments Microsoft has made in OpenAI. While the company has not confirmed these plans, the integration of ChatGPT’s advanced knowledge and browsing features into a search tool suggests a shift towards a more conversational, context-aware search experience, which could be offered as a premium feature for ChatGPT subscribers or as a separate search product.

OpenAI’s potential new search offering aims to leverage the combined strengths of OpenAI and Microsoft, possibly creating a knowledge-based search engine that goes beyond the traditional keyword and link-focused search mechanisms. This collaboration reflects the deep ties between the two companies, with Microsoft already incorporating OpenAI’s models into its products like Bing and Copilot. The move towards an AI-driven search tool represents a significant shift in the approach to web searching, aiming to offer users a more intuitive and contextually rich search experience.

Despite the excitement surrounding OpenAI’s rumored venture into the search domain, it's uncertain if this new approach will be enough to sway users from the familiarity of Google Search. Previous attempts by Microsoft to innovate in search with AI-enhanced features have not significantly dented Google's market share, suggesting that user habits may be hard to change. However, the development signals a potential evolution in how searches are conducted, hinting at a gradual move away from traditional search paradigms towards more interactive, AI-integrated search experiences.

With over 2.5 million websites generated already, Mixo is the easiest way to launch a new business or startup.

With a simple prompt, the AI will craft you an impressively professional multi-page website in seconds. In addition, it has built-in tools that let you change the theme and rewrite content with a click of a button. All are integrated with hosting, a free domain and subscriber capture out of the box.

Slack is revolutionizing workplace communication with the introduction of Slack AI, a new suite of artificial intelligence features designed for enterprise users. This advanced functionality aims to streamline the process of catching up on unread messages and threads by providing concise summaries and allowing users to ask specific questions about workplace activities. Slack AI, initially tested last year, is now being offered as a paid add-on for Slack Enterprise plans, enabling users to easily stay informed about ongoing projects and discussions, even after extended absences.

The AI-powered tool offers several convenient features, such as the ability to summarize conversations in threads where a user is tagged, recaps of channel chatter, and the option to receive summaries of unread messages or messages from a selected timeframe. Users can highlight important messages for summary by selecting the star icon in a channel, making it easier to catch up on crucial updates. Additionally, Slack AI can answer questions related to workplace policies or specific projects, using relevant messages to provide accurate information.

Beyond simplifying message management, Slack AI integrates with other apps connected to Slack, enhancing the utility of services like Notion and Box by summarizing documents and answering queries about stored content. Slack is committed to further developing its AI features, including a digest feature for channel highlights and a native integration with Einstein Copilot for drafting messages. Importantly, Slack ensures the privacy and security of customer data, stating that the large language models used for Slack AI are hosted internally and that customer data remains confidential and is not used to train these models. Currently available in US and UK English, Slack plans to extend support to more languages and regions soon.

OpenAI, in collaboration with Microsoft Threat Intelligence, has taken decisive action against five state-affiliated threat actors aiming to exploit AI services for cyber malfeasance, demonstrating a firm commitment to digital security and ethical AI usage. The disrupted groups, originating from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia, utilized OpenAI's technologies for activities like information gathering, code debugging, and phishing content creation. This operation not only neutralizes immediate threats but also reinforces the importance of vigilant monitoring and disruption of malevolent uses of AI technologies.

The detection and neutralization of these actors underscore the limited yet potentially harmful capabilities AI technologies can offer to cybercriminals, reinforcing the need for continuous evolution in safety measures. OpenAI's multi-faceted strategy focuses on monitoring, collaboration within the AI community, iterative safety improvements, and maintaining transparency about threats and countermeasures. This approach is pivotal in staying ahead of sophisticated adversaries and ensuring AI technologies contribute positively to society while mitigating risks of misuse.

OpenAI's initiative reflects a broader commitment to the responsible development and deployment of AI, highlighting the balance between innovation and safety. By sharing insights and strategies publicly, OpenAI fosters a culture of openness and preparedness within the AI ecosystem, emphasizing the collective responsibility to safeguard digital spaces against evolving threats. This proactive stance not only deters malicious activities but also enhances the overall security and integrity of AI applications, ensuring they continue to serve as tools for positive change and improvement in people's lives.

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