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Top News

Google Maps announced the introduction of a new generative AI feature designed to enhance the discovery of new places by leveraging large language models (LLMs). This feature uses the extensive data of over 250 million locations and insights from more than 300 million Local Guides to offer personalized suggestions based on user queries.

For example, searching for "places with a vintage vibe in SF" will yield curated shopping recommendations, including photo carousels and review summaries, organized by categories. The AI aims to provide a more conversational search experience, capable of generating recommendations for even very specific or niche queries.

Initially, this feature is rolling out in the U.S. for select Local Guides, with plans to extend it to other users and countries in the future. This development is part of Google Maps' evolution to include AI-powered search functionalities for a broader range of discovery and exploration purposes, indicating Google's commitment to integrating generative AI into Maps for more dynamic user interactions.

Google has introduced ImageFX, a new image-generation tool powered by Imagen 2 from Google DeepMind, designed to produce high-quality images through a simple text-prompt interface. ImageFX, part of Google Labs, encourages creative exploration with features like "expressive chips" for experimenting with various aspects of image creation.

Alongside, Google announced enhancements to MusicFX and TextFX, its generative AI tools for music and text. MusicFX now allows for the creation of longer tunes and music loops, benefiting from improvements to the MusicLM model for higher quality and faster generation.

TextFX, developed in collaboration with Lupe Fiasco, has been updated for better usability, supporting creative writing endeavors. Google emphasizes the responsible development of these tools, implementing safety measures to prevent the generation of harmful content and employing SynthID watermarks and IPTC metadata for digital content verification and information. These tools are available in the U.S., New Zealand, Kenya, and Australia on the labs.google platform.

The Browser Company, creators of Arc Browser, is innovating how users access web content by integrating AI to bypass traditional search engines. They're developing a tool that lets users request information directly from the browser, which then crawls the web to deliver relevant results.

For instance, making restaurant reservations or finding specific videos without going through a search engine. The company has launched features like "browse for me" in its new iPhone app, Arc Search, and "instant links" for direct access to web content. Upcoming features include "Live Folders" that automatically update with new content. Arc Browser aims to change browsing habits, reduce reliance on search engine ads, and offer a tailored web experience.

Concerns exist about content summarization affecting publishers and the criteria AI uses to determine "best" results. Amidst growing interest in AI from major tech companies and startups, Arc is exploring new ways to navigate the web, emphasizing privacy and team-oriented solutions without selling user data.

Dr. Gena Gorlin is a clinical psychologist at UT Austin whose goal is to raise the ceiling on human potential. In this video, she explains ho how ChatGPT has become a key tool in her quest for radical self-betterment.

In this episode, she feeds ChatGPT a list of her old journal entries, and it conducts the most thorough and insightful annual review and goal-setting session you’ve ever seen:

  • It writes a personal biography for her, unpacking themes and key questions from each year of her life

  • It helps her plan her year for 2024, aligning her focus and helping set goals

  • It allows her to see her own blindspots and avoid common failure modes

  • It predicts what the year might have in store for her

  • It helps her be more ambitious and reach higher for the things she wants

Ultimately, it acts as both a mirror and mentor for her—one that’s always on, responds instantly and can take on any personality or psychological modality that she needs.

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MLBlocks - Build Custom AI Image Processing Workflows Without Code

Sheet Copilot - Run Google Sheets on autopilot

Fixkey - Type at the speed of thought

LanguageGUI is the UI Kit for LLMs

Elapse AI handles your customer support questions and turns them into comprehensive, structured feedback.

Fineshare - Clone Once, Use Forever

VEED GPT 2.0 - The best way to create pro-level videos using only text

BeforeSunset AI - Multiple calendars support and the iOS app

Fotor AI - The ultimate all-in-one AI photo editor, for free

Promptly AI - No-code platform for generative AI apps and workflows

Flipner AI - Capture your ideas & craft texts with AI's touch

How to create multiple custom instruction profiles on ChatGPT

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