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  • Elon Musk gives Tesla ultimatum: Another 12% of shares or no AI

Elon Musk gives Tesla ultimatum: Another 12% of shares or no AI

Microsoft limits free GPT-4 usage in Bing/Copilot to "non-peak times"

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Top News

OpenAI is creating a new Collective Alignment team to incorporate public input into the development and governance of AI models. This team is part of OpenAI's effort to align AI with human values, following a public grant program launched last May for exploring democratic processes in AI governance. The grants funded various projects, including video chat interfaces and crowdsourced AI audits, and the results were made public today.

OpenAI funded 10 teams from around the world to design ideas and tools to collectively govern AI. You can read the reports here.

Despite OpenAI's claims of independence from commercial interests, there is skepticism due to CEO Sam Altman's criticism of AI regulation. The company is also facing scrutiny over its partnership with Microsoft and has taken steps to mitigate regulatory risks in the EU concerning data privacy.

Recently, OpenAI has been working to prevent the misuse of its technology in elections, including making AI-generated images more identifiable and developing methods to recognize modified AI-generated content. This move seems partly aimed at addressing regulatory concerns.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, has expressed his desire to expand the company's focus beyond automaking to become a leader in AI and robotics. However, he insists on gaining more control, seeking an additional 12% ownership to reach 25% total. Musk threatens to focus on projects outside Tesla if his demand isn't met, and he's critical of large investors like Fidelity for their passive role. Despite selling billions in Tesla shares previously, Musk now wants to increase his stake, arguing it would make him influential but not absolute.

In the past, Musk has showcased Tesla's robotics, initially misleadingly and later with actual robots. These developments contrast with earlier failed promises about the Tesla production line. Recently, Tesla demonstrated a new robot capable of dancing and handling delicate objects.

Musk's management and focus have raised concerns. He's been accused of diverting Tesla resources to his social media network and SpaceX. Furthermore, his $56 billion compensation package is under legal scrutiny for being excessive. The Wall Street Journal reports Musk might have a drug problem, and Tesla's value and profit margins have been declining. Additionally, other Tesla board members were ordered to repay $733 million after a lawsuit over their compensation. Despite Musk's claim of no rift with the Tesla board, investor sentiment may be troubled.

Bing/Copilot, which previously offered GPT-4 access for free, is going to limit free GPT-4 to "non-peak times," whatever that means. For many people worldwide, $20/month is a huge barrier

(Until cheaper open source models reach GPT-4 level)

With this new feature, you will be able to paint up to 5 unique subjects or areas within your input image to control their motion independently of other areas.

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Editor's Pick ✨

Byrdhouse AI 2.0 - AI interpreter in 100+ languages for video calls

Voice Replace - Swap out your voice with AI

Analysis of AI models and hosting providers - choose the best model and provider for your use case

Vector DB Comparison - compare vector databases

Web Model - Run a chat model entirely on your browser. No need to connect to any service.

An LLM agent built on top of OpenAI that predicts winners for ESPN's Pick-Em's game.

Gameboi leverages ChatGPT and PyGame to create customized 2D games based on user input.

AI Assist - A next-generation Clippy for a next-generation spreadsheet

DocentPro - Envisions the world as a vast museum

AdIntell.ai - Earn revenue from your GPTs with ads

Hue Hive - AI Diagram Generator

OpenModerator - Modern, open-source, AI content moderation

Enhanced GPT Store - Categories, search, sorting, and more...

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